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Various Ways to Find the Guest Post Opportunities 2021

Guest Posting is an efficient way to build online authority and position for your brand name in your industry niche.

Most of the popular brands have benefited with Powerful Guest Posting by being consistent with their efforts.

Guest Posting
is a powerful link building strategy and this powerful link building strategy has serves 2 main purposes. Firstly, it attracts high volumes of targeted traffic. Secondly, it helps your website Domain Authority and Organic Traffic.

Guest Post Opportunities 2021

Step by step procedure on how to Find Guest Posting Opportunities in 2021

  • Google Search

Google is one of the best platforms for searching guest post opportunities. What you need to do is to use the right search terms to find the right blogs. It will lead you to the blogs that accept guest posting. You can run a Google search by using search terms or keywords like –

  • Keyword – ‘write for us’
  • Keyword – ‘guest post’
  • Keyword – ‘submit post’
  • Keyword – ‘guest post by’
  • Keyword – ‘bloggers wanted’
  • Keyword “guest posts wanted”
  • Keyword – “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword – “guest post guidelines”
  • Keyword – “contributor guidelines”
  • Keyword – “submit an article”
  • Keyword – “guest posting guidelines”
  • Keyword – “become a contributor”
  • Keyword – “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword – “guest post opportunities”
  • Compile a list of Prolific Guest Bloggers

If you know the name of prolific bloggers and authors in your industry, you can add the names of those influences in combination with the search terms. For example, the search terms can look like, ‘guest post by Mike Adams’. This will lead you to the websites where that author has posted content as a guest. You can also try approaching those blog owners for guest posting opportunities.

Now that you know How to find Guest Post Website to publish your content, you will need to start making useful content for your prospective audiences.


Backlink AnalysisBenefits of Competitor Backlink Analysis

Conducting a competitor backlink analysis aids in creating strong digital marketing strategies for your website. It will make you aware of the online marketing strategies adopted by your competition. The benefits of this exercise are as follows:

  • You can assess and analyze the amount of competition in your industry niche. You get to see what strategies your competitors are adopting to move to attract customers. You can create new guidelines for making strategies of your own, after analyzing what others are doing. You can work towards creating more backlinks if your competitor has already beaten you on that.
  • With the help of backlink analysis, you get to know about the number of websites that are linking to your competitors. The quality of sites providing backlinks is also important. If your competitors have connections with authentic and authoritative websites, then you need to buckle up. If you don’t have in-house resources, you must know How to Approach a Guest Post Service Provider to build quality backlinks.
  • Once you have identified the profiles that are backlinking your competitor’s websites, you must plan strategies and techniques to beat them at their own game.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to keep an eye on your competitors. You need to type the main keywords on Google. These high competition keywords are also known as money keywords, as they will become the backbone of your content development strategies. Now check the rankings after entering the keyword. See where you stand, and where they stand.

If they are ahead of you, then you need to focus on making changes in your traffic driving strategies. The intention of spying on the backlinks of your competitors is to get more backlinks for your site. You must plan to increase the number of backlinks by 20%.

Social SearchesSocial Searches

Social searches also play an important role in finding guest posting opportunities. Social media platforms not only play a crucial role in promoting your business, but they can also help you in finding places to effectively publish your content and links.

So How to Find Guest Post Website resources using social media?

You will need to use the search terms similar to the ones that you would use on search engines. You will come across profiles and groups that are related to guest posting opportunities. That will allow you to get in touch with high authority bloggers in your niche and connect with them. Get on a private chat with them and disuses adding your content in their bogs.

Join CommunitiesJoin Communities

Another interesting method to Find Guest Posting Opportunities is to join some communities on sites like Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and others. These applications are a great tool to find numerous content publishing opportunities for any specific niche. The users often post blogs that contain links to Guest Posts.

For example, when you sign up on Reddit, you are asked to select the areas of your interest, so that your feeds are relevant to those topics. Here you can read the content provided, and visit several related links.

The same goes for Quora and Facebook. Whenever the audiences that are interested in your niche find something important and interesting, they tend to share the links on these communities. These communities are a great way of communicating and receiving brand related information.

Alternatively, you can hire professional service providers to eliminate the dilemma of How to Find Free Guest Post Sites. The experts will have good experience and networks and can help you plan proper backlinking strategies.

Awesome Guest Posts
Steps for Posting Awesome Guest Posts:

There are 2 ways to go about it.

One is to hire
Premium Guest Post Service providers and allow them professionally to handle the entire process. These guest posting companies will have complete expertise, tools, and resources to build top quality backlinks for your websites. They will have tie-ups with the top bloggers from various business niches for Posting Guest Posts.

The second way is the DIY, where you will need to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort. You will need to do everything from the scratch. Firstly, you will need to find the right kind of blogs that will help you in reaching out to your prospective customers. Then you will need to approach the blog owners for permission to post your guest posts.

If you don’t have proper knowledge or time, then it will be in your best interest to go with the first option, which is
hiring Guest Post Services.

Hire Trusted Guest Post Service Provider
Hire Trusted Guest Post Service Provider

If you don’t know how to make backlinks or don’t have time and resources to create high-quality backlinks from authority websites, it is better to hire Guest Post Services. It will ease your hassle of contacting Bloggers for Guest Posts.

Zoom Wings is one of the Premium Guest Post Services having strong networks with high authority bloggers. They have a team of experienced professionals and the necessary tools to create high quality backlinks on diverse niches. You can visit their website to check their packages.

Websites and Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

You need to prepare a good pitch and write mind-blowing blog posts for your niche, and send them to the website admins. Don’t forget to create creative business bios to encourage positive engagements with targeted audiences. Some of the best guest post websites are:

Digital marketing, PPC, Social Media offering ‘Write for Us’ –

These are some of the popular blogs and websites of the year 2020-21 that accept the guest posts.


We’ve had so many awesome readers that want to submit their own sites for your guest posting needs that I created a whole new community-edited guest posting sites database.

If you really interested to see the database then connect with me on Skype Chat: ZOOM WINGS OR else email:

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