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The Dangers of Using Private Blog Networks (PBN)

You must have heard of PBNs or Private Blog Networks being used for publishing content and getting the backlinks. 

These networks are basically a group of blogs and websites, Which are linked to each other, in order to improve the overall SEO results of the posts with backlinks? These networks are created only for the purpose of SEO, and they charge quite a bit of money for allowing the publishers to post their articles in bulk. They purchase the expired domain names which had good rankings and then use them for multiple blogging in different business niches.

Private Blog Networks (PBN)

The authority of these networks is improved by linking them to many microsites, out of which many are not even active or relevant to the publishing sites. In many cases, they simply use duplicate contents on those micro-sites. The main idea here is to trick the Google algorithms into thinking that they hold good authority in the selected business niches.

If you are looking for long-term business growth, then there are many reasons why you should shy away from using these private blogging networks.

What are the risks?

As expected, Google algorithms have woken up to this kind of black-hat trickery, and have gone on to block or purge such networks. If you are using private blog networks, then you are putting your business credibility at a big risk. You might see quicker results in some cases, but surely those results will not last for long.

That is one of the main reasons why some of the top websites had lost more than 50 percent of their traffic almost overnight, especially after Google came up with the Penguin update in the year 2012. Many companies had to face the devastating consequences of using the PBNs for promoting their informative blog posts.

Private Blog NetworksDon’t get lured in:

These PBNs have a very compelling way of advertising their services. They offer businesses and marketers a quick solution to drive targeted traffic. Please be reminded that you cannot simply get your websites and blogs to earn high rankings in a short span of time. Just like any kind of business marketing, Search Engine Optimization yields results only with consistent and continuous efforts.

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You will need to decide between long-term success and shortcut to success:

Private Blog NetworkIt is always risky to manipulate the system for quicker gains, especially if you step across the lines of legality. Even if you are able to get the backlinks from PBNs, your success could be short-lived. There will always be a risk of getting penalized for getting banned by the search engines. You cannot afford to face such setbacks if you are going for long-term branding and business growth.

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