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Top 6 WordPress Facebook Plugins

Facebook needs no introduction and with the size and diversity of followership that it has, every blogger definitely wants to reach out to it and shout about one’s own blog or website.

In such a scenario it becomes next to compulsory to relate this social networking giant and find ways to establish some sort of connection between is and WordPress. This article talks about the top 6 plugins that can be used for WordPress in relation to Facebook.

Here are the top 6 WordPress Facebook Plugins that can be used for promoting any blog being Facebook-friendly.

Top 6 WordPress Facebook Plugins


WordPress Posts for Facebook Fans

WordPress posts are no doubt a very simple yet cool plugin that can make any of the posts accessible for Facebook fans only. This ensures the security that if any new visitor visits the blog, he/she won’t be able to see any content until they connect with their respective Facebook profile and like the page. As soon as the page is liked by that new visitor, the posts will get unlocked for that particular visitor. Click Here to Buy.

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress

There is no better way to increase the number of Facebook likes on one’s posts almost rapidly. This plugin is a lord in doing so. What it basically does is, brings a pop-up whenever the reader clicks on the post. The visitors have to like the posts or have to wait a few seconds in order to read the post. Thus this plugin is really simple but quite powerful in increasing Facebook likes and bringing more traffic to one’s blog/website. Click Here to Buy.

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPressTop Social Share posts

Again just as the name suggests, this plugin lets one list the top posts by total share counts from a different social network. By using this plugin one can easily list the most popular or most-read posts in the sidebar widget according to total Facebook share counts. It also supports other social networking giants like Google Plus, Twitter and etc. Click Here to Buy.

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress

Just as its name suggests this plugin creates a Likebox slider for the blog and has provisions to be placed anywhere; either on the right side or left side. Apart from Facebook, It creates a slider for Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other social networking options. Adding this stylish slider plugin adds superb functionality with amazing design. Click Here to Buy.

Facebook-Plugins, Dialogs & Comments

This plugin is an all in one Facebook bundle Plugin that enables the addition of different kinds of stuff from Facebook like Like Buttons, Comment System, etc. It also helps one with the integration of Facebook power with one’s blog. Some of them are Facebook like Box, Facebook Status update, Facebook friends dialog, Facebook Recommendations, Facebook Activity feed, and many more… Click Here to Buy.

Unlimited Facebook statsUnlimited Facebook stats

Last but not least, this Facebook plugin helps in the listing of top liked, shared, or commented blogs in the blog post. Its possibility also ranges in listing the same posts in the sidebar widgets. Thus facebook Data can be easily collected using this simple plugin. Click Here to Buy.

Thus all these plugins come really handy in establishing the connection of one’s blog with the Social Networking god “Facebook” and in getting multiplied popularity in no time.

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