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Steps To Create A Separate Blog Section On Your WordPress Site

WordPress is an open source blogging tool and also the most popular blogging system that is currently being used on the Web.It includes the features like template system and plug-in architecture. It is a content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL.


But using WordPress has become more of a recent trend than a blogging platform. Individuals don’t want their blog posts to be visible on the homepage. As an alternative, they prefer a secret or separate section of the main blogging page.

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There are many ways to create a separate section on your WordPress site and a few important ones are listed as follows:

Method 1:


Create a new blank page and give the title to it. For example “blog” is given a title by clicking on “pages” and select “Add new”.

If you don’t have a front page, then you have to create a second page, a page on which whatever you post is shown up on your homepage. This step mainly depends on the theme you selected, as some themes have something more other than posts on the homepage.Multiple WordPress Blogs


This step is to show up your posts on a newly created page named “blog”. The same step is helpful in creating the front page (homepage) also. For that select “setting” and go to “reading” settings. From there you select “static page’ settings, then choose “homepage” page for ‘front page” and select “blog’ page for your “posts page”. Finally, save your changes you have done.


Here you have to create the menu item for your newly created blog section. For that go to “appearance” and select “menus”. In that, create a menu item to your “blog” page.

Method 2:

It requires a member login to view the posts you have put. It can be done by the use of a plug-in named “members only” that is available from the WordPress plug-in depot. ‘Log in with Ajax’, role scoper, etc are other plug-ins used for this purpose.

Multiple WordPress BlogsMETHOD 3:

  • Go to the WordPress Control Panel, where you can access the sections for posting both the WordPress blog entries and separate page entries.
  • Select “add new” in the pages section of the menu, which would show the HTML as well as the text editor, helping in making separate pages.
  • Create the title for the new page. Here you can switch between “visual” and “HTML” tabs. The edit menu has the options for adding images, video, audio, and links.
  • To add the new page to the WordPress blog, click “publish”. You can also add widgets for page links by dragging and placing the “pages” widget to the desired widget area.

You have to create the pages that may draw the interest of your visitors like “FAQ”. In order to sell your products via WordPress, create the sales pages using the “pages” feature.

As WordPress upgrades its software in a periodic way, the steps for creating pages may change to some extent.


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