Do the Social Media Sites Promote in Search Engine Optimization?

The number of businesses has increased tremendously in the past, but the important thing is to make out ways in which your organization or company remains ahead of others. This can be done with the help of social networking sites that can help to improve results on search engine. Many small and big companies are nowadays coming up with their latest products in the market and majority of them wants to promote their products and services through Social Media sites. This way the different types of social networking sites also promote a better search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Searching on The Internet

When anyone is searching on the internet about any company, product or services, Google takes into account various factors, namely some of which is a physical location, reviews of the customers, business listings etc. on the basis of which it showcases certain products and services.

But companies can also improve their results on the search engine, through social networking sites, where people can follow them.


Facebook has become a very popular social networking website among people of every age group. Its use has tremendously increased. By creating a page on this famous social media web page, you are bound to get the regular customers following you, plus others that view your pages. And after the customers follow them locally, searches on the specific company increases search engine. Plus another feature is that by updating your company news, advertisement etc. on Facebook will help any company in remaining in touch with their customers.


Since LinkedIn is a professional form of social networking site, which links people of various industries and different organizations under one platform. So, one should have a business page on it. Although the search results based on LinkedIn does not give a boost to your company name, it definitely helps in confirming the locations of company and ranking becomes somewhat better.

And moreover, an active LinkedIn profile also helps in contributing to industry discussions.

Google plus


Google+ is not used by as many people like Facebook or LinkedIn, but it is quite important to have a business page on it. Google plus shows the maps where business listings are done.

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Do The Social Media Sites Promote In Search Engine Optimization?

Another important factor is company reviews, which also determines to rank on search engines. So companies which have positive reviews on Google plus tend to rank better. But a note of caution is that fake reviews which are good should not be written as Google tracks down the source from where these reviews are coming.

So if anyone has a small firm or a large entrepreneurship and does not have a business page on Google plus, should make it at the earliest.

Companies or independent workers should never neglect the fact that having their business listings or page on social networking web pages helps promote their business, in addition to improving their ranking in search engine optimization. Hence it’s a complete win-win situation to have your listings on a social media website.

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