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How to Qualify the Linking Opportunities before Posting Your Contents with Backlinks

Linking is an important part of internet marketing because it helps companies in asserting authority in their business niche online.

Moreover, it also helps businesses in improving the organic search engine rankings of their websites. However, the results of your online marketing efforts will depend on how well you qualify your links. To put it in simple words, the link opportunities should benefit both parties mutually. At the same time, should also be highly relevant to the business niche or the viewership. It is very important to establish the relevance of the links and qualify them before adding your business contents with backlinks on those websites or blogs.

If you have a long list of Blogging Networks for publishing your website links with content, then it is very important for you to qualify that list, in order to achieve your long-term business goals.

Google algorithms are developed in such a way that they look into high relevance for pulling out the search engine results. Therefore, you must NOT simply publish your blog posts and website links anywhere and everywhere, unless they truly add value to your business and your targeted audience.

In this post, we shall check out some of the important factors to consider while qualifying the links for publishing your content:

Manual Scanning:

Firstly, check all website URLs in your list to identify the ones that can strategically fit into your online marketing plans. If you see any of the important keywords, or parts of keywords, on any of those URLs, then they present you with excellent opportunities for publishing qualified backlinks. Also, make it a point to open the web pages of other remaining links on your list to check their relevance.


After conducting the manual scanning of your list thoroughly for the URLs and web pages, your next step would be to check the authority of those blogs. There are some excellent SEO tools, which allow you to find the authority of websites based on, domain authority, page ranking, and page authority. You can run those tools on your list and then arrange the list in ascending order, according to the authority of those blogs.

Volumes of inbound links:

nbound linksAnother important factor for you to consider for qualifying the link is by checking the number of inbound links those websites have. Typically, the blogs with high authority will have many inbound links, but you will need to let go of the ones that have too few inbound links.

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The linking opportunities to disqualify:

The important aspect for disqualifying your linking opportunities is by checking for the presence of competitor links or content in those blogs. If your competitors already have a presence in those blogs, then obviously they will not want to give you opportunities. Remove such blog links from your list.

nbound linksOnce you qualify your linking list with the above-mentioned parameters, then you should be left with a well-qualified list that can help you in your business promotion and branding in the long run.

You can be assured of the fact that your content and web links on those blogs will help you in connecting with highly targeted prospects, who will actually go on to become your customers or clients.

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