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Link Insertion Service / Niche Edits

As an extension to guest posting services, Zoom Wings introduces Link Insertion Service. It is also known as Niche Edits, where we place your links on blog posts that already exist on High DA blogs.

Our link building and blog outreach experts identify the highly relevant blogs for inserting contextual links. These links will be 100% spam-free and will be added to the posts that are already attracting good volumes of traffic.

Link Insertion Service by Zoom Wings makes it possible for your business to buy premium links for affordable costs. You will not have to worry about creating content because they are already published and is drawing traffic.

Increase brand awareness and revenue by attracting quality traffic to your sales pages. Build your brand Authority and improve page rankings with affordable Niche Edits services.

What Are the Experts Saying About Link Insertion or Niche Edits?

Neil Patel

“Niche edits allow for backlinking from pages that have already established authority with age. However, the results will depend on how well businesses focus on finding relevancy. The page might already have a good ranking, but it will fail to make the right impact if the link insertion is not related to the contents. Relevancy is the key for success” –

Neil Patel is an expert on link building.

Brian Dean

“Niche edits make it possible for placing contextual links on pages that are already trusted by many readers and are also indexed by Google. Therefore, it does not take much time to start showing results. Moreover, it is a cheaper option as there is no need for creating new content. I would suggest marketers to use this technique along with guest posting to attract a wider range of traffic.”

– Brian Dean – SEO Expert

Krystian Szastok

Link Insertion offers opportunities to place natural links in content that are already ranking for related keywords. Now when you place your links in those contents that are already ranking, you will get a clear head-start, rather than having to start creating content from the scratch. With manual outreach, these valuable niche edits can help in drawing good volumes of targeted traffic. I would recommend marketers and businesses to add it to their existing SEO techniques to boost results faster –

Krystian Szastok – Internet Marketer

Top Link Insertion on DA Blogs to Boost Your Website Traffic Faster

We have listed some of the top blogs and websites where we can place your links and keywords. Get your links on premium websites today to achieve your marketing goals faster.

Quick Glance at Benefits with Link Insertion

We help our clients benefit from highly relevant Link Insertion services that guarantee good returns on investments. See a remarkable boost in traffic and page rankings to beat your competitors online.

High Domain Authority Blogs

Inserting Links on High DA Blogs Helps in Improving Search Rankings and Attracting Targeted Traffic.

Spam free, 100% Real Traffic

We Do Niche Edits On Highly Relevant Blogs. 100% Real Traffic to Increase Sales Conversions on our web pages!

Contextual Dofollow Link

Links are naturally integrated by our editors without affecting the content flow. Get your pages positioned on the top of SERPs.

Permanent Link Insertion

Your links will last permanently on DA blogs and attract target audiences for the long term. Our niche edits are backed with a money-back guarantee for 4 months.

Niche Relevant Links

We do manual outreach to do niche-focused link edits so that your web pages get genuine traffic. Increase Your Online Sales Today!

Increase Business Profits

Link insertion boosts the flow of traffic from niche DA sources. Excellent ROI and Profits Guaranteed!

How Link Insertion Works

Place Your Order

Step 1
Choose the Niche Edits package that best suits your online marketing goals and budget. Place your order and then provide the anchor texts and URLs. That’s it. Our link insertion experts will take it up from here and get the job done professionally.

Outreach and Link Insertion

Step 2
Firstly our outreach team will identify the best DA blogs that are highly relevant to your business niche. We will then approach those site owners, bloggers, or influencers, and secure the opportunity for adding your anchor text and links to the existing posts. Experienced editors will then do the niche edits on those posts.

Reporting of Live Links

Step 3
Once the job is done from our end, we will send you the detailed report of the blog posts and live links that have been inserted. Now those links are all set to attach high volumes of traffic to your website pages.

Link Insertion Packages - Affordable Link Building


Get a clear edge over your competitors with strategic niche edits. Our Links insertion packages are highly competitive, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes. We offer services to individual businesses and SEO agencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us for custom pricing packages on bulk orders. Get your links on genuine posts at High DA blogs today!

DA 20+ : Standart



1 Link Insertion, Niche Edits

  • Relevant Niche
  • 100% Dofollow link
  • Moz DA20+ Blogs
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Editorial In-Content Link

DA 30+ : Popular



1 Link Insertion Niche Edits

  • Relevant Niche
  • 100% Dofollow link
  • Moz DA20+ Blogs
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Editorial In-Content Link

DA40+ : Premium



1 Link Insertion Niche Edits

  • Relevant Niche
  • 100% Dofollow link
  • Moz DA20+ Blogs
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Editorial In-Content Link

DA50+ : Premier



1 Link Insertion Niche Edits

  • Relevant Niche
  • 100% Dofollow link
  • Moz DA20+ Blogs
  • 1 Anchor Text / Target URL
  • Editorial In-Content Link

Looking for Custom Package

Frequently Asked Questions


Niche edits is all about integrating keywords and links on blog posts that are already published and are getting a good readership. The only difference from guest posting is that here you don’t have to create new content.

Yes, most SEO experts agree that it is one of the safest methods to build backlinks as the links are placed on pages that are trusted by readers, and are already ranking on Google. They recommend niche edits as a part of all SEO strategies.

Yes, we manually reach out to relevant blogs for link insertion. However, we flatly refuse to do any outreach for blogs that have contents that instigate hatred, child abuse, bigotry, discrimination, and violence.

These blogs have already been live for a long time, and it is highly unlikely that they will be taken off. If such a situation does arise in the rarest of cases, please contact us and let us know about it. We will offer a replacement link or refund as per your suggestion. Our money-back guarantee is valid for 120 days after they go live.

Yes, of course. Firstly you will get to chose the DA when you opt for any particular package. The DA value could rise or fall after the link insertion. Since we look for high relevancy while doing the outreach, it is highly unlikely for the DA of those pages to fall.

Zoom Wings has been able to deliver a high level of relevancy with our manual outreach expertise. It is not so tough to find contents that are closely related to your business category. It is more important to use contextual links without ruining the flow of content. Not to worry, our expert content editors will take care of that.

Although link insertion can be highly effective in drawing targeted traffic to your website, we suggest you make use of multiple techniques like guest posting and social media marketing to reach out to a wider spectrum of potential customers.

Sine these contents are already aged and have got ranking scores, you can expect them to last forever. However, bloggers might sometimes remove pages due to the changing Google algorithms. We still give you 4 months guarantee on the live links we provide. If you see any of the links taken off before 120 days, please inform us about the same. We shall process a refund, or provide you with a replacement link on the equal DA blog.

Check Our Link Insertion Services Samples

Please take some time out to check out the samples of link insertion jobs done by us. It will give you a good idea about how we can add your keywords and links to the existing content. You will see that the content flow is maintained even after the links are smartly inserted by our editors.

Why Choose Zoom Wings for Link Insertion?

You will come across numerous service providers, but if you are looking for a professional team that works on well-planned link-building strategies and delivers results, then Zoom Wings is your number 1 choice. We have been in the guest posting industry for many years now, and are well placed to help your online business reach newer heights.

Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website with Niche Relevant Link Insertions -

We have been into guest posting for many years, and have developed strong networks with credible bloggers and influencers across diverse niches. We know the right bloggers to approach your business niche and secure the opportunities to integrate your contextual links. Your web pages will attract targeted visitors, who are actually keen on knowing more about your business. Give a boost to your sales conversions by choosing our services.

Gain Long Term Results with Permanent Link Insertions -

Since these links are smartly added with the contents and web pages that are already drawing in traffic, you can expect to see fast results. Although we use the contents that are already published, we make sure that the information is not outdated. These pages are indexed and will stay live for a long time. Your one-time investment will keep yielding revenues in the long term.

Highly Affordable packages -

Zoom Wings work with a strong sense of commitment towards delivering complete value for the money that our clients spend on marketing and branding. Our link insertion packages are made available for highly affordable prices, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes. Give our services a try with the basic packages to assess the effectiveness. We are confident that you will come back to us for package upgrades because you will see a clear increase in your online sales.

What Clients Say About Our Link Insertion Service