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Link Building Methods that Still Work in 2018

In the past, link building was very easy. All we had to do was stuff the relevant keywords in our online and offline

contents, In order to draw website traffic. Now the search engines have become a lot smarter, and the algorithms have become more advanced. If you still indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques, like keyword stuffing and keyword harvesting, then your website will get penalized, or even get totally banned by the search engines.

In this post, we should check out some of the effective link building methods that work still work great in 2018:

Guest Posting:

This link-building method is used for targeting industry-specific audience. It allows companies to gain online exposure with targeted and relevant audiences, who can be converted as customers or clients.

Guest Posting is and has always been, a good practice for business marketing, but you can make it even more effective by posting your content on blogs that are already driving huge volumes of traffic. However, you must make sure that you publish your posts only on those blogs which have good authority and page rankings.

Article marketing:

This link-building method is still quite effective today in 2018. The process is very much similar to the guest posting method. The only difference here is that you will be publishing the posts in high traffic article directories, instead of blogs. Article marketing is still considered one of the best link-building methods because it helps businesses gain authority in their niche. It helps in protecting their business as experts.

Link Building MethodsProduct reviews:

This type of link-building method works great for products. Since the customers these days prefer to buy products online, they wish to know more about what others have to say about the products that they are interested in. Therefore, product reviews have also become an effective platform for placing effective backlinks.


Although it is a relatively new concept of link-building than the above methods, Infographics has caught up the pace as one of the effective means for reaching out to the targeted audiences. It is particularly more effective for reaching out to that targeted audience, who prefer checking out image visuals, instead of videos and texts. If you manage to get your infographics to get viral, then thousands of people will get to see your company logo and the official web address.

Link Building MethodsIn addition to the above-mentioned link-building methods, some of the other methods which still effective to this day are email marketing, video marketing, newsletter marketing, press-release publishing, and conducting video interviews.

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