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Important Steps for Guest Posting Success in 2020

Looking at the benefits offered by Guest Posting, a lot of businesses have started using this cost-effective, and impactful marketing strategy in their business.

With the availability of Guest Posting Service Providers, creating and posting guest posts on other leading blogs operating in the same niche has become a lot simpler.

Guest Posting Success in 2020Guest Blog Posting Service is one of the best ways to get access to expert writers that offer multi-lingual specialized writeups to improve the marketing of your business. In this article, we will tell you ways on how to obtain guest posting opportunities and do it effectively in the business.

Determine Guest Posting objectives

Having your goals and expectations clear at the beginning of this strategy will help you achieve your objectives. It will help you determine the right type of blogs to submit your guest posts.

Generally, there are three primary objectives for Guest Blogging Services.

  • Position yourself as a well-known name and authority in the industry.
  • Getting traffic, and exposure to the website.
  • Build backlinks to the website.

To achieve the first or second goal, it requires your business to have an engaging, and large-sized audience. If you try to achieve the third goal, then it is needed to target blogs that have powerful root domain authority. There are free tools that can give you a good idea about the root domain authority of any blog/website.

There are several Cheap Guest Posting Service that offers specialized Guest Posts for your business. Zoom Wings is a reputed service provider firm that provides well-researched, informative and unique articles for varying niches, and industries of business.

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Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Once you have found the right blogs to target, now the next step is to learn ways to get guest post opportunities. Your major objective is to locate relevant to the industry or niche.

Below are a few factors that will help you find guest posting opportunities:

  • Locate blogs whose content is related to your area of business
  • The audience of that blog should be interested in your business domain.
  • The blog already has a good level of engagement that comprise of posts that are shared on social networks and have got a good number of comments as well.
  • The blog is presently active on social media.

Sources to get Guest Blogs for your Business

Keywords search

Search on Google with below keywords to find guest posting opportunities:

  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “submit a guest post”
  • “guest post by”
  • “guest post”
  • “guest post guidelines”

Search for Creative and High-Volume Guest Bloggers, Guest Post Outreach Service

If you know any prolific guest posting professional within your industry or you have read articles of any guest blogger, then search on Google as “guest post by” “guest blogger name”. It will give you a list of all the websites/blogs where his guest blogs have been published so far. These are the places worth considering for guest posting for your website.

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Competitor Backlinks

Do a backlink analysis of your competitor websites? There are possibilities that you will find backlinks from all those guest posts that they have done. There are free tools that offer free backlink analysis service using which you can spot any websites/blogs on which they have posted by now.

Social Searches

Several guest posters and bloggers share their recent guest blogs on social networks. One of the significant places to watch is Twitter.

Contact the Guest Post

So, once you have identified the guest blogs to write, you should contact the blog owner at the mail address or contact form as provided by them on their website. Find out what type of blogs do they require to post on their website. Ask them if there is any specific content related requirement that you need to keep in mind when writing the article.

Ensure that the topic on which you are writing should not be written before by any other guest blogger on their website. Choose only new, useful and interesting topics that will add value to the reader. Try to gain knowledge about the content of the blog, the type of audience, the style of writing, and any other blog-specific aspects that you find.


Guest blogging is one of the efficient marketing strategies that when done properly can get you rewarding returns in your business. These are the few steps that will help you implement guest blogging in a way that generates maximum gains in your business.

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