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How to fix Internal Server Error in WordPress

All those who have been surfing the internet for the past few years must be well aware of Internal Server Error.

It is one of the most common errors witnessed by WordPress as well and can put any beginner in a troubled mode. But one thing is for sure that panicking in such a situation is the worst anyone can do. One should take a deep breath then and believe that this is an error that has already troubled many before and that he or she is not the first or only one.

Internal Server Error In WordPress

There are a lot of other errors such as the white screen of death; error establishing the database connection and internal server error and this is also something that has scope to get fixed. These are flexible and require only a bit of patience. This article talks about how should one go about fixing the Internal Server Error by following a set of possible solutions.

First of all Internal Server Error can happen anywhere with anything on the server and not just specifically with WordPress. But the prime cause of such errors in WordPress is the use of any theme or plugin. PHP memory limit and .htaccess files are a couple more causes that can be attributed to the error in WordPress. The foremost thing to check-in such cases is for the unwanted .htaccess file. It is advisable to rename it to something like .htaccess_old. It is not possible directly and one has to login to the website using FTP. Once done, the .htaccess file can be found in the same directory that contains wp-admins, wp-content and wp-includes.

Once that filename has been renamed, one should try to reload the page and see if the error is solved. If it works fine, then that is an indication that the error has been fixed. It is highly needed that one should go to settings >> Permalinks and hit the save button to generate a fresh . htaccess file

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Next, if that doesn’t work, then one has to consider increasing the PHP memory limit. It can be done by following these steps:-

  • A blank text file has to be created names php.ini
  • Memory=64: This code has to be posted there
  • This file has to be saved
  • It needed to be uploaded into the wp-admin folder using FTP

A lot of users have reported that this particular method solves the problem most of the time.

Error In WordPressThirdly, if even the above step does not work then the error is more likely to be caused by plugins or combinations of them. Because there is no way to rectify it, one has to deactivate all the plugins on the WordPress blog at once and see if that eliminates the error. If by doing this, the error gets removed then it’s a straightforward indication that one of the plugins is causing the problems.

Lastly, if nothing seems to be working, it would be suggested to get in touch with the hosting provider to get to know more about the issue. Always remember that every problem has a solution and it only needs to be rectified. The same is the case with WordPress errors as well.

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