Blogger Outreach & Guest Post Service

100% Genuine Blogger Outreach acquiring in-content editorial links and mentions.

High Quality Contextual Backlinks

Reach the right audience with highly relevant contents, combined with do-follow contextual backlinks.

High Quality Content

We create blog posts on diverse topics related to your business, after doing thorough research. Make your company look like an expert.

Targeted SEO

Make your contents reach the right targeted audiences and improve the search engine rankings of your blogs or websites.

Marketing Strategy for Long Term Gains

The blog posts which we publish with contextual do-follow links will keep promoting your business for a long time.

Guest Blogging Packages

Complete end-to-end solutions, right from content writing, to securing the best publishing placements.


Serving Individual Companies and SEO Agencies


Zoom Wings has become the number one choice for hundreds of SEO agencies, because we have a complete setup with well organised teams to provide high quality backlinks.

DA 20+ : Low Tier

  • 100% Genuine Outreach

  • Moz DA20+ Blogs

  • Includes 500 Word Blog

  • 2 Anchor Text / Target URL

  • Google Indexed

  • Google Penguin Safe


  • 100% Genuine Outreach

  • Moz DA25+ Blogs

  • Includes 500 Word Blog

  • 2 Anchor Text / Target URL

  • Google Indexed

  • Google Penguin Safe

DA30+ : HIgh Tier

  • 100% Genuine Outreach

  • Moz DA30+ Blogs

  • Includes 500 Word Blog

  • 2 Anchor Text / Target URL

  • Google Indexed

  • Google Penguin Safe

DA40+ : Premium

  • 100% Genuine Outreach

  • Moz DA40+ Blogs

  • Includes 500 Word Blog

  • 2 Anchor Text / Target URL

  • Google Indexed

  • Google Penguin Safe


  • 100% Genuine Outreach


  • 100% Genuine Outreach


  • 100% Genuine Outreach


  • 100% Genuine Outreach

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How can the Guest Blogging Services benefit your Business?

Reliable methodology for achieving maximum results

We provide customised blogging services in order to help our clients in reaching out to their targeted audiences. Our research specialists will understand your business completely, in order to come up with the contents that can help in delivering the right message to your prospective clients or customers.

The best thing about partnering with Zoom Wings for your guest blogging requirements is that we provide customer centric solutions, in order to help the client websites in gaining more popularity with their buying customers. We provide complete content writing solutions for the most competitive prices in the market.

Reliable network with high quality blogs and other publishing sources

Since we have been in this business for many years now, we have high level market outreach with publishers and bloggers. We can assure you of getting your contents published in the most relevant blogs, which can help your business in connecting with genuine buyers.

Our business development team is always in the process of expanding our networks and market outreach in an ongoing basis.

Ensuring best results and targeted outreach

Your business will be able to achieve increased visibility through the contents that we create, because we use only the trusted and high authority blogs for publishing them. As a result, your business websites will grow in popularity and improve their search engine rankings.

Well defined processes to ensure best results

Our blogging team first looks for the right kind of blogs with high authority and link profiles, in order to find the best compatibility for publishing the contents of our various clients. Our strong network makes it possible to publish blog on hundreds of diverse niches.

Experienced writers for creating quality content

Our priority is always to create the contents that will attract the genuine readers. Therefore, we conduct thorough research to come up with diverse topics, which will help your prospective customers in getting the right answers. All the contents that we create are checked for content quality and originality. Contact us today for Plagiarism free contents.

Experience in delivering quality contents of any volume, as per our client needs

We at zoom Wings understand the importance of content quality and timely delivery. One of the main reasons why our clients keep coming back to us is, because we have always been able to deliver top quality contents of any volumes. We clearly understand the importance of deadlines in this business, and have designed the process operations to meet the growing demands of our clients.

Publishing and promotion of backlinks

In addition to creating the articles, we have well-defined teams for publishing the posts on the high authority blogs and directories. We also go one step further and promote those blogs through various other methods like sharing on social media, comment sections, re-tweets, etc

Innovative ideas and intensive research

The contents that we create are the result of top quality research. Our research team also brainstorms with each other, in order to come up with different ideas and topics suggestions. Our packages are designed to serve businesses of all sizes, be it bulk work projects for SEO Agencies, or smaller assignments for individual businesses.

How can Zoom Wings help your business gain more popularity online?

Right sources to deliver effective results

Our experts will first understand everything about the business of our clients, so that we can publish the contents in the most relevant and high page ranking sources online. We tailor-make the content plans for each of our clients in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Experienced quality writers -

We use the services of experienced writers, who understand the importance of content quality and timely submissions. They have many years of experience in writing creative and informative contents on innumerable business niches. Also, the works of our writers are then checked for quality by our professional proofreaders.

Business Association with Reliable Sources

It is our advanced exposure and high level market reach that has helped us in building new relationships with some of the most reliable blogs and websites from individual niche, We associate with webmasters running high quality blogs and websites to submit guest posts and bring leverage to the client’s business. Our motto is to offer clients with solutions that aim at meeting the existing business goals while reaching out for new ones.

Targeted Services for Desired Results

We make sure that our clients benefit from our services in the form of increased online visibility and popularity of website or blog. For this purpose, we rely only upon high authority and trusted blogs. The end result is improved search engine rankings.

Well Defined & Result Oriented Process

Our team initiates the process while looking for blogs that justify the client’s business niche. Followed by this, we assess each of them to identify authority, page rank, link profiles, and the quality of content they offer. Simultaneously, we work in association with our clients to ensure that each post gets published within dedicated time frame regardless of the order volume.

Experienced in Delivering Quality Services

The process of promoting client’s brand or business involves in-depth knowledge and expertise. We at Submit Core, manage to do so while sharing your business aesthetics with other communities that might be interested in your product or services. What lets us handle the process efficiently is our experience in offering quality content that manages to earn quality links.

Publishing the article

Lastly the article is published on the client’s website. We ensure that we stick to promised time frame to deliver the guest post. By enhancing social signals such as retweets, shares, plus, votes, etc., boosting on-page activities and placing links that direct towards the guest posts, we try to attract more visitors.

Intensive Research & Innovative Ideas

We research and then suggest ideas for topics to the blog owners. Once approved, we craft quality prone and targeted content. The chances for omission are minimal as all the posts are proofread and quality checked before submission. At Submit Core, our focus is to deliver dedicated guest posting services for SMEs ranging from business to SEO package.

Why Choose Zoom Wings for Guest Posting Services?


We do research on both fronts. Firstly, we look for the relevant blogs with high page rankings, where we can submit the blog posts with contextual backlinks.


We have strong networks with some of the top blog owners online, which puts in the best position to get your content approved on high ranking blogs. You will see our efforts translating into profits in the long run.


Secondly, we research on all different topics around our clients business. Such kind of information will compel your prospective customers into thinking that you are the expert in the business.


Guest blogging is probably one of the most ethical ways for building high quality organic traffic to business websites. By partnering with our company, you can expect to achieve your business goals faster.


Our quality control team assesses the suitability of each and every blogs that we choose for our clients. The contents are thoroughly proofread for topic and grammar quality before getting published.


You would definitely want your business website to show up on the first page of search engine results, when the search terms related to your business are being used by the internet users.

High quality backlinks from well written articles will suggest the search engines into considering your business as the one that is reliable and trustworthy. Eventually your website ranking will go up, and you will be able to see a substantial increase in the number of visitors to your business websites.

Another good reason for choosing Zoom Wings for your guest blogging needs is that we offer our services for very competitive prices. We strongly believe in growing long term business relationships with our valued clients, which is why we always strive towards providing the best value for your money.


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My towing company website failed to rank well, despite all the money I invested in fancy SEO packages. My last shot to SEO services was this company. Initially, the rank improvement was marginal but as assured by the SEO experts here, my ranking improved in a few months. I am happy with the results. Special thanks to Justin for answering all my queries promptly.

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