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Why Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building and SEO?

Guest blogging is a very essential part of any SEO strategy. It is seen as a remarkable tool to build backlinks for your business sales pages.

As far as SEO is concerned, writing guest posts will not only increase the number of website viewers on your pages, it also lowers the bounce rates.

Benefits of this remarkable marketing technique do not end here. There is more to it for online branding and advertising. To make the best use of this blogging technique, you should learn about it, and its importance in SEO, and link building in detail.

Why Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building and SEO

What does guest blogging imply?

Guest blogging implies publishing online content in the form of articles on other websites. Here a blogger writes for other websites and his name appears on all the guest posts that he writes for other bloggers. However, he will not receive any remuneration for this work.

In this way, guest posting for link building serves as a digital marketing method, and an SEO tool to promote your work all across the web. Due to its feature to include backlinks for your website, you will find it as a great SEO tool.

Most of the content marketers consider guest blogging to be their topmost inbound marketing priority. Guest blogging also has a positive impact on search engine rankings of a website.

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What is not so good about Guest Blogging?

Though guest blogging has been considered as one of the simplest, affordable and reliable ways to improve SEO and link building of a website, it does create some issues. However, the cause of those issues is mainly due to its misuse. Looking at the potential SEO advantages of guest blogging, people have started using it more and more.

It has been observed that most of the spammy and low-quality websites have used this method to generate quick links to please Google’s algorithm and to improve rankings. Their sole motive behind guest blogging is to improve their search engine ratings than benefitting readers for whom they are writing. Thus, it defeats the main objective of guest blogging. Google has criticized this action and has taken strict action towards such websites.

Google has not put a stop at writing guest articles. A blogger can really benefit when their clients get high quality guest blogs from them. The contents must aim to benefit the readers directly, and not merely the search engines. It is essential to comply with Google & Bing webmaster guidelines on link building strategies, and not violate the system.

Link Building and SEOWhat is the right way to implement Guest Blogging strategies?

One of the very important things that you need to remember is that, when you are developing content for other websites, your aim should be more than just getting a backlink. You must aim to educate as well as add value to the target audience.

This has to be the first and foremost objective to take care of, while guest blogging. Any backlinks or clicks from your blog to your own sites will be an added benefit of guest blogging. This approach will definitely keep you within the grounds of moral practice and within the guidelines mentioned by Google.

Below are mentioned a few important tips to aid in keeping you on the right path with guest blogging.

  1. Write for only reliable and relevant blogs
  2. Write only for the websites where content gets curated
  3. Do not misuse the anchor text opportunity
  4. Do not stuff keywords
  5. Keep your audience in your mind while writing
  6. Do not mass produce at one shot, be regular instead.
  7. Repurpose content with caution

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What are the other link building techniques besides Guest Blogging?

There are numerous link building methods that can be used along with the editorial. This includes:

  1. Earn your backlinks with the help of rich content pieces like interactive tools, infographics, eBooks, guides, quizzes, whitepapers, and calendars
  2. Link reclamation via competitor broken links, native, and brand mentions
  3. Perform research on your competitors about the places from where they obtain quality links
  4. Sponsor any favorite local sports team
  5. Run a competition
  6. From Suppliers
  7. Get into partnerships
  8. Offer discount offers
  9. Contribute towards charities
  10. Attend events
  11. Look for superior quality online directories that include industry-specific and international content
  12. Broaden your horizon. Do not allow guest blogging to become the starting and the end of the backlink building activity.


Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to reach to a large number of online audience. It is a great opportunity for people to put forward their own views on a specific topic, in front of the readers of other blog websites.

Guest blogging is known to be a popular technique to build links. By using guest blogging in the right way, bloggers will not just establish their brand image online, but also develop a large audience base too.

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