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The Benefits of Google News Approved Website for Guest Posting

Google News is Google’s news aggregator service. This service aims to help worldwide users access high-quality news via browser or mobile apps. It highlights the happenings that take place around the world, allowing you to stay updated on topics that interest you.


Google News Approved WebsiteIt searches across numerous news, resources and classifies them under different groups like Business, Technology, World, Sports, or Entertainment. The classifications are customized to a specific country and not locally. Under the ‘For You’ category, news topics based on your Google search history and preference are chosen by Google News Algorithm.


Points to Know About Google News Approved Website


Google News enables publishers or journalists or news reporters to attract enthusiastic news readers to their site and reach new audiences. Google News approved website allows readers to-


  • Access worldwide news, current Newsfeed, and content with a diverse perspective from distinct publishers.
  • Read content offline or online.
  • Subscribe to particular news topics and providers.
  • Personalize content in the ‘For You’ category.
  • Bookmark as well as share premium guest posts or interesting content or news.


Getting on Google News List is important, especially if you have a website. It reveals that you are offering superior quality and informative content that attracts massive audiences. Google uses a specific algorithm to allow news-based sites in their listing. There is hardly any insight into the algorithms that Google News applies, but two aspects are certain – Quality Content and Unique Information.


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While posting on Google news approved website, the authors must ensure high relevance, location, interests, prominence, usability, freshness, and credibility. The Google News team even picks some stories for showcasing news sources in the Newsstand, and highlights fascinating stories in Google Discover.


Google news listing


By focusing on these two features, websites can improve their chances to get approved for Google News listing. Google News is published only on the most trusted sources across the world, which is why there is high demand from businesses publish guest posts on Google News approved website.


There are 2 ways for gaining high publicity online. You will need to either become an owner [publisher] of a Google News approved website or approach an approved website for Google News to post your contents and links. Remember, Google News holds the decision to publish the news or content, so make sure that you submit good quality or premium guest posts.


Zoom Wings offers guest posting services on websites that are approved for Google news.


The benefits of having guest posts and backlinks for such highly credible websites include- 


  • Quick indexing by Google
  • Brand awareness
  • More volumes of targeted traffic
  • High quality permanent links
  • Authority in the niche
  • Qualified organic traffic
  • Improved authenticity and credibility
  • Easy accessibility
  • Faster results with low SEO efforts


Is publishing guest posts on Google News approved website right for everyone?


Well, it is not for everyone, but it is surely a potent strategy for most types of businesses. A few reasons why businesses must consider affiliating with an approved website for Google news is-


  • To establish their brand as an influencer and thought leader.
  • To leverage their site and earn revenue via email aggregation, sponsorships, and ads.
  • To create positive exposure for a struggling or startup brand.


Zoom Wings help you take advantage of publishing guest posts on Google News approved website. It is advantageous for marketing businesses across highly focused or specific niches. Publishing premium guest posts on news sites allow for generating qualified leads and attracting new clients.


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Check Google News Approved Site 


Tips to check if it is a Google News approved website or not


If you are planning to publish guest posts on Google News approved website, then it is important to check the authenticity of the platform. Visit Google News and search the URL to find their content. If you can discover at least a single one, it indicates the genuineness of the platform. Remember, the posted contents also disappear quickly. Therefore, you have to look for content or news published two days ago.


Tips to Get Google News Approved Website


Become a Google News publisher


News website owners can get their content into Google news via ‘Producer tool’ or submit their website via ‘Publisher Center’. Google’s guidelines for approving publisher status are strict, but if you adhere to their technical guidelines then the chances are good.


Optimize your website, demonstrate authoritativeness, develop a niche, regularly publish fresh content, and create a sitemap. If you are still not prepared for Publisher status, then the Producer tool is a great option. You can draw and engage with more audience by posting premium guest posts on Google News approved website sources.


Publish on the approved website for Google News


You will find thousands of Google news approved website, including magazines, niche news platforms, and newspapers that allow you to distribute your news, press releases, or guest posts. Reach out to them and get your content published on such an approved website in Google News. You can hire the services of guest posting services like Zoom wings to find such guest posting opportunities.


For press release chooses Google News approved service


If you are looking for a press release published on Google news then look sources like Google News approved website offering press release services. Check the platform to see if there are any recent releases published. Use the titles of a couple of these releases and search on Google news.


Get Google News Approve 


How Do I Approve My News Site in Google News?


General guidelines


  • News content – Offer accurate and timely reports on interesting, important, and relevant news matters, including a byline and dateline written in press release format. Never post advice columns, job notifications, event announcements, how-to articles, etc. Because Google does not regard these as news content. Even if you post such content, ensure to exclude them from the news sitemap.
  • Accountability – Authors name is crucial for each news story. The author’s bio is optional, but enhances your odds to enter a Google News listing.
  • Authority – Display your expertise in the niche for approval from Google News. Strong authority status always helps in boosting your reputation and ranking. Therefore, you will need to choose premium guest porel=”nofollow”sts or news content that is specific to your niche.
  • why businesses must consider affiliating with a– Google Team verifies your entire website. Your site content is manually read, so make sure to enhance the readability of each post. Allow only the premium guest posts with good grammar and no spelling mistakes. The posts must be written clearly in an interesting way. Ensure that paid promotional content and ads are minimal. Thus, readers can concentrate on the text and enjoy their experience.
  • Include crucial info – Terms of use and privacy policy are a type of crucial information that readers need to find with ease. Even the ‘Contact us’ and ‘About us’ pages must include contact details like email address, physical address, and phone number. Avoid misstates such details or concealing information, because Google chooses websites that are transparent, trustworthy, and accurate.
  • Publish a completed post always – Google News crawlers crawl once for approval, therefore complete the post before you press the publish button. Changes made later will not show in the Google News link.
  • Add source labels – There are varieties of news content, so adding accurate source labels to your news content allows the bots to categorize your content correctly. For example, if your content can be accessed via ‘Paid subscription’ then apply the label ‘Paid Subscription’.


Quality guidelines


To become an approved website for Google news, ensure to follow the quality guidelines. 


  • If your website displays news content along with other content types, then keep them both separated.
  • Follow good journalism’s basic principles and ensure to provide users with engaging, unique, and honest content. Your website design has to be user-friendly with a quick load time. Even the mobile users must be able to access it with ease.
  • Implement Meta tags correctly, like separate every keyword group with a comma. Only 10 keywords, phrases per content are allowed, so avoid going overboard. Keyword spamming can lead to Google penalty.


Follow the above-mentioned quality guidelines strictly to gain Google News approval successfully.


Technical guidelines


  • Every news and story published must have a permanent and unique URL.
  • Google bots scan sites to look for HTML links, including anchor texts. Never use graphic links, framed links, or JavaScript because the crawlers are unable to read them.
  • Google bots understand HTML format, so your content must use this language. Google will never approve content in PDF format. News with images or videos are not allowed in the news section. You will need to place them under the ‘Videos’ and ‘Images’ categories.
  • Check robots.txt, Meta tags, and header specs to make sure they are not blocking the bots to access article links for indexing.
  • Google News sitemap allows categorizing and sub-categorizing your news content. Define the publication name, content type, language access, publication date, genre, keywords, title, etc. It allows Google bots to crawl smoothly across your website’s every news article. Google News can identify your news content quickly.
  • If your website publishes an extraordinary story that needs to be highlighted, then use standout tags. Standout tag usage has its terms and conditions.


Install AMP [Accelerated Mobile Pages]


AMP is designed for speedy loading. Install AMP to create quick-loading web pages without compromising the brand expression and creativity. Google appreciates sites that use AMP. According to a survey in the US, the chances of AMP results showing up on Google News are around 70%. If you desire to appear in Google News Top Stories then install AMP.


Submit your website for Google News approval


After adhering to the strategies mentioned above, ensure to double-check the general, quality, and technical guidelines before submitting your website.


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Guest Post on Google News Sites

How do I get a guest post on Google News approved website?


Backlinks got from Google news approved websites are powerful. They are 100X better than backlinks from regular websites because of approval from Google they index quickly. If you are allowed to post content on Google News then it indicates Google’s value and credibility.


Zoom Wings offers premium guest posts service where your contents will be published on Google News approved website. You can check out the packages offered by them on


Key advantages of guest posting on Google News approved websites


  • Quick spike in website traffic
  • High level brand awareness
  • Backlinks from reputable sources or platforms that people trust
  • Authority status
  • Increases legitimacy
  • Extra benefits from Google bots
  • Easy accessibility
  • Quality organic traffic
  • Quick indexing
  • Low SEO efforts to achieve faster results


To gain approval for guest posting on Google news approved websites is challenging. You need to employ tactical strategies to get onto the Google news list. You can also the experts from Zoom Wings to accomplish on your behalf.


Tactical strategies include-


  • Loading speed affects crawling frequency and speed, so employ speed optimization techniques.
  • SEO-friendly headlines and URLs.
  • Linking to previous content or news for creating story clusters.
  • Increase baseline traffic.
  • Breaking or exclusive top stories.
  • Content freshness increases the odds of getting displayed in Google news.
  • Relevancy of topics.
  • Authorship attribution to every article is mandatory for Google News approval.


Your Google News content can even be featured on Google’s search result pages. In mobile and desktop search, they appear in video carousels, news boxes & publishers.


When distinct news stories are matched in a search query, carousels are used by Google to cluster news results. It helps the reader to identify content in a better way. Carousels even include key quotes or links from the content. The traffic driven from these boxes is credited to organic search.


Top Google news approved websites


Top 21 Google news approved websites




You can use the appropriate ones relevant to your niche, but ensure that they are working successfully on Google News.




The best practices defined above can help you get onto Google News approved website. The introduction of the Google News Publisher Center has made it easy for small news websites to benefit from Google News approval. Ensure to abide by all the guidelines stringently before you submit a request to be approved as a Google News approved website.

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