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Easy steps to Save Instagram Account from Hackers and Secure Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that enable users to share videos and images.

This platform is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. It was officially launched in 2010 on iOS. As it got popular, the application was also released on Android and Windows in 2012, and 2016 respectively. Its features comprise viewing trends, tag browsing, modifying filters, location display, messaging, and content ‘liking’.

Reasons why Instagram is targeted by critics:

  • Changes to features of the interface
  • The type of censorship used
  • Ability to post inappropriate or illegal content.

There are several aspects of the Instagram service that makes it potentially vulnerable. A lot of users report that their passwords got hacked. Instagram account hacked can result in several problems such as social inappropriateness, adversely impacted businesses, crime, and more.

The creation of strong passwords is the first step to ensure the protection of Instagram account. There are several websites wherein you can check the strength of the passwords.

Two-step authentication, biometric authentication (fingerprint or iris photo) offers a lot more security to your account. These are the best ways on how to save an Instagram account from a hacker.

Instagram Accounts Get HackedHow Do Instagram Accounts Get Hacked?

Let us talk about the possibilities of how do Instagram accounts get hacked? Here are some of the reasons that can result in a hacked account.

  • A forgotten password technique
  • Phishing
  • Coding
  • A variety of 3rd party apps
  • Cheat Droid

Harvesting application credentials and using them to abuse the account recovery process of Instagram helps the hacker to get control of accounts. In case of phishing, people with malicious intent will send a phishing email to a person asking to confirm their account details to get a verified badge.

Some of the hackers use the scaring technique to threaten the victims into clicking on their phishing bait link. They send WhatsApp messages stating “Copyright Alert” and say that some of your user contents have violated the copyright’s policies. They will scare the users about deleting their Instagram account if they don’t send the appeal notice by clicking on their website link.

However, when they choose the “Appeals form” link or “Verify Account” button, it takes them to a phishing page, from where the hackers take all their information such as the email address, date of birth, and other credentials.

Instagram Copyright AlertIn this way, the hacker gets control over the Instagram account. The credentials collected through the phishing link/email will allow them to modify the registered email ID on the Instagram account and take control of the account for their malicious intentions.

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Once that is done, the original user gets an email stating that the email address associated with their Instagram account is modified. However, if the hacker has control over the email credentials of the user, then it is also possible for them to take control of their notification and delete this email.

Save Instagram Account from the HackersTips to Save Instagram Account from the Hackers

How to know if your account has been hacked? Here are the telltale signs that indicate that your Instagram account is hacked.

  • Inability to log in to the account, even after entering 100% correct credentials
  • You have no clue how some images were uploaded on your Instagram account
  • Another way how to know if someone hacked an Instagram account is when you start following profiles that you fail to recognize.

Here are some of the tips to secure an Instagram account.


Two-factor Authentication

1. Two-factor Authentication:

Set up 2FA or two-factor authentication. This is another layer of security protection that prevents hackers to gain account access even if they know the password.

Avoid connecting to Instagram through Facebook

2. Avoid connecting to Instagram through Facebook/Gmail:

If the hacker gains access to your Facebook password, then there are possibilities that he would automatically gain access to your Instagram profile as well. So, have individual passwords for all accounts.

suspicious attachments

3. Do not open or Download Attachments, Links that look Suspicious:

One of the ways to check any suspicious link is to hover on the URL to find its source of origination. If you notice that it reveals a different IP address than the expected website, then it clearly indicates that it is a phishing link.

Do not view Instagram posts in others

4. Do not view Instagram posts in others:

Do not view Instagram posts on any other platform other than the official app. It could be a phishing website and could get access to your user credentials.

Look for spelling

5. Look for spelling:

Look for spelling mistakes or ungrammatical constructions in the email text.

Use VPN and IP address

6. Use VPN and IP address:

As it encrypts internet traffic, hides your IP address, and prevents middlemen from gaining user credentials.

Login Credentials

7. Login Credentials:

Inspect the accounts used for sending emails. They could be from a different account than the legitimate email address of the company. Do not provide your login credentials on any of these websites.

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Here are some ways on how to get back hacked Instagram account.

If you can relate to the above signs, then you need to follow the below step to recover your stolen account. All you need is to click on “Forgot password”. You will see this option on the sign-in page. Follow the instructions. Even after following the steps, if you are not able to regain lost access to your account, report this issue to Instagram. They will contact you, and verify your identity.

Recover a Hacked Instagram AccountHow to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account?

Hacking an account is quite common these days. There are several mentally disturbed and disgruntled out there who waste their precious time in causing harm to another person. It is very important to be in the right frame of mindset to deal with this situation.

Do not get anxious, worried, etc. It happens to most people and so did it happen to you. Accept the fact that your account lacked strong security that led to this.

As opposed to getting apprehensive, experts advise to stay calm and deal with the situation. Instead, learn how to find out who hacked your Instagram. Also, focus on learning to heighten the safety of the account.

How to protect your Instagram account?

1. Use The New Account Recovery Process of Instagram

In cases, where you can’t access the Instagram account due to password change, tap the “My login info is not working”. This button will ask you to enter your phone number/ email address that you use to login into the account.

Then the app will send a 6-digit code to enable you to regain lost access to the account. After regaining account access, Instagram takes additional measures to ensure that the account hacker can’t use codes to your phone number/ email address to access the account via a different device.

2. Use the Old Account Recovery Process of Instagram

People who don’t have the access to the new feature can use this method to recover their accounts.

3. Check Email from Instagram

You will receive a notification that the email address was modified. You have the option to undo this change by choosing the “revert change” option in the message. If you notice that your password and other account information are also changed, then follow the below method:

  • Click on Forgot password option
  • Enter a secure email address (that is not hacked).
  • Wait for the next steps from the Instagram team to recover your account.
  • Instagram will send you an email to verify your account identity. On successful verification, you will get further instructions to recover the account.

If your account is hacked, but you can log in to the account, then follow the below steps to keep your account safe from illegal access:

  • Modify your account password
  • Revoke access to all suspicious 3rd party apps
  • Turn on 2FA (two-factor authentication) for higher security



The huge popularity of Instagram also increases the chances of accounts getting hacked. Instagram account hacking can happen to even those who do have proper security measures in place. Admit this fact. A positive approach helps. It will teach you how to NOT TRUST fraudulent emails/websites/3rd party apps etc.

The tips covered in this post will help you not just secure your Instagram account, but also your bank accounts, Blogging accounts, and other social media apps. Stay emotionally balanced, work with the right mindset and implement the above tech tips. Successful recovery is guaranteed!!

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