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How Many Backlinks Do You Really Need to Beat Your Competitors?

Not many online marketers and business owners are aware of the fact, about the exact numbers of backlinks that are really required.

The truth here is that there is no fixed number on the exact number of links that you actually need to outrank your competitors. What matters here more, is the quality of data that you serve to your clients, and not just the number of links.

If you have a lot of links, but is they are all very easy to get and form up collectively as a bunch of easy backlinks, then all you will be left with is some ineffective and weak backlinks. There is no exact answer as the number of backlinks required to fight the competition in SEO. All that matters are the quality of the links, which you are getting for the SEO, and from where.

How Many Backlinks Do You Really Need to Beat Your CompetitorsHere are some of the factors which one can consider while choosing the backlinks:

Quality matters, quantity doesn’t

Yes, one of the biggest misconceptions among people is that they think that the numbers of backlinks that they have will affect their performance. The fact here is that the quality of these backlinks matters a lot more than just the number of backlinks themselves.

Hence, it can be said that it is much better to have 10 good, effective, and well-operational backlinks, rather than having 50 ineffective ones. The more the good links, the more they will help in the process of link building, and the more effective your SEO will be.

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Buy those backlinks

There are many reputable marketing agencies and services available in the market, which offer you the facility to buy backlinks. The backlinks offered by them are legit, good quality, and manual links. All these are quality backlinks will surely help you in actually getting that best quality SEO. Hence, you may also consider this option of buying the backlinks, if you are not able to get the appropriate backlinks for your website.

Get the contextual backlinks

The backlinks are available in different forms, but you will need to choose the best ones that suit your website promotions the best. However, the most preferred and recommended are the contextual backlinks. These links are organic and original, and there is a zero possibility of any spamming taking place. They are written by real writers and are checked for quality and originality.

Guests posts

Guest posting for link building is one of the time tested backlinking methods that is effective even today. You just have to search google for the guest post opportunities, and analyze the blog URLs for the metrics. Make sure you choose just the ones that perfectly fit the bill. You need to do is drop a mail through their contact page, and get the permission for publishing guest posts on those blogs.

Make links with others

You must make backlinks with the other repudiated online resources, and treat them in the same manner as you would wish them to treat you. Here are some of the tips which you can use to make effective links on online resources, like high PR blogs:

  • Always go for the relevant, trustworthy and high-quality blogs, which would show clear support to your articles.
  • Make use of anchor texts, which should be closely matched with the link sources.
  • Link with the pages which have a high level of traffic.
  • Make links with a number of sources, and not with just a single source.
  • Make sure that you do not use it just a single link, but do not spam with too many links.

The penalty for too many backlinks

If you accumulate a whole lot of backlinks to your website within a short span of time, the chances are that they are poor in quality, and do not have good effective information in them. Here you stand the risk of getting penalized by Google, for using such ineffective backlinks, and that too in such a huge number.

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Link building is a very gradual and slow process. Building good quality backlinks for your website will be a tedious task. Hence, you need to make sure that the sources that you use for the collection of the links are all reliable, and provide good and effective backlinks for your site.


Hence, backlinks form an important part of building up your website, but I hope, after reading this article, it is clear to you that quality of the links that you get, is much more important. It matters much more than the number of links that you get.

It is all about getting those right sources and then using them to increase the value and the authority of the links. Always make the attempt to provide effective and useful information to the readers.

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