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5 Superior Ways to Make Money with Guest Blogging

A lot of bloggers want to know how to learn Guest Blogging and make money from Blogging.

Guest Blogging is the concept of accepting to publish someone else’s articles with links in your blogs, and charging them for the Link Building Opportunity. On the other hand, guest blog writers make money with blogging by writing articles for their clients.

Make Money with Guest BloggingPart 1: Ways for Reaping Profits from Guest Posting

Guest posting
is among the best link building practices for businesses to make money online by increasing their website traffic. Guest post writers earn money by doing the job of creating content on behalf of their clients.

Profits from Guest Posting
Some bloggers might not be satisfied with advertisement revenues and want to know more about how to make money with blogging. They can make money by allowing businesses to post their content on their blogs. Therefore, blog owners, businesses, and writers can earn money with the guest blogging concept.

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Way to make Money with Guest Blogging
How Businesses Make Money from Guest Blogging

  • Businesses gain more exposure with quality guest posts, as they get targeted traffic to their web pages. It helps them increase sales and make money from blogging on external high authority domains.
  • They get “Dofollow” backlinks on permanent posts, and their content gets distributed on active social media platforms.
  • This technique sends real traffic to their sites and helps them make money from blogging.
  • Learning Guest Blogging and proper implementation will also help businesses to improve the search engine ranking of their web pages.

Businesses make Money from Guest Blogging
How Bloggers Make Money by Allowing Guest Writers?

  • Bloggers start blogging to get the opportunity to highlight their voice on a specific topic or niche.
  • By allowing guest authors they get free of cost content for their blog.
  • Blog owners will get free time for completing other tasks that they normally compromise for making more time for writing.

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Make Money with Guest WritersBlog owners can aim to Make Money with Guest Blogging. Before that, they must decide on the best niche (topic category) to target on their website. Explore diverse industry websites and blogs to decide on how you can provide real insight to the readers on your blog. Ensure that the message of your blog aligns with your interests and persona. Aim for developing content that is consistent and remarkable.

Part 2:  Some Most Famous Bloggers Making Money with Guest Blogging

How much do guest bloggers get paid?
It is a common question that many new bloggers will want to know. Several bloggers are making massive earnings by allowing guest posting from external writers. Their success stories and established blogs have been an inspiration for every aspiring blogger.

This marketing technique has not just earned them a large audience, but also credibility and reputation in the market. It has helped them established their blogs and make money online.

Here are the top ten famous bloggers who have achieved success from guest blogging


The Huffington Post

    The Huffington Post


Perez Hilton


Tech Crunch
Tech Crunch




The Smart Passive Income Blog
The Smart Passive Income Blog




Life Hacker
Life Hacker


Timothy Sykes
Timothy Sykes


BBC News
BBC News

To get the desired outcome from this technique, we have explained ways on how to make money with blogging below.

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Make Money with Guest Blogging

Part 3: How to Start Guest Blogging [For Businesses]


A lot of business owners are wondering if they should use a guest blogging strategy to increase sales and make money online. The common rule is that if a business gets below 250 website visitors on their website daily, then they should start writing on the blogs of other people.

Writing for blogs having a high visitor count will not help you get your voice and opinions heard by huge volumes of the target audience, it also helps in enhancing the search engine rankings of your web pages.

How To Start Guest Blogging
Writing for other blogs will help you improve your business visibility to get more exposure from the target audience. It will help take your business in front of the audience of another blog, cultivate meaningful relations with other reputed bloggers, and develop a good reputation.

This marketing technique lets you get
Dofollow’ backlinks from several websites that help you raise the domain authority of your own website, and attract targeted traffic. It will help your business make money online by increasing sales conversions.

Steps to Create Effective Guest Posts:

  • Decide on the appropriate blog topic.
  • Contact top bloggers in relevant business niches and do the outreach to secure the guest posting opportunity.
  • Find expert writers to create or write content for guest posts.
  • After the publishing, you can also advertise the posts on social networks to get more responses and make money online.

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The right strategy requires creating high-quality content, pitching a prospective site editor correctly, publishing, sharing on social media platforms, etc, which will help make money online from the entire process.

Make Money Online
Part 4: How to Choose the Perfect Niches to Make Money with Blogging [For Bloggers]


The selection of a niche for a blog is a difficult part to begin a blog and make money online. You may be getting millions of ideas in your head. Finding the perfect niche out of them could be the most critical part of the blog creation process. You can expect to make money online from your blog if you choose the right categories as per your expertise in the subject matter.

About A Blog Niche


It is a specific topic (or category) that the blog will focus on. The niche you choose should be able to arouse interest in publishers, YouTubers, guest bloggers, advertisers, etc.


Make Money with BloggingSteps to Decide the Right Blog Niche


To know how to make money online via blogging, you should first learn how to create effective content. Before that, you must decide on who your target audiences are going to be.

Learning Guest Blogging
starts with the identification of the blog niche. To decide on the right niche, you must get a clear
understanding of your target audience. Your content should not be about the general audience. It should be specific about your ideal audience. Identify the potential audience who will be interested to know about your blog.

They can befall into various categories like

  • Normal readers
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • Fashion lovers
  • Engineers
  • Musicians
  • Sports people
  • Writers
  • People owning homes
  • Developers
  • etc

You will need to identify the related categories or certain group of people who will be interested in your blogs


Identify the Topics for Blogs


Start blogging by identifying the topics for content creation. After having decided on the niche, now is the time to look for the topic for your blog. You can also invite guest authors to publish well-written content on your blog. You can find plenty of blog topics and ideas on magazines, articles, shopping websites like eBay, Amazon, etc. Look for the high demand products, available categories, your own purchase order history, etc.

Validate the Blog Ideas
Validate the Blog Ideas


Once you have gathered the blog ideas, it is now time to shortlist the best topic idea for the blog. The right blog idea should seek balancing between the below three different factors such as

  • Gauge your passion for the topic before you start blogging. This will help you research those posts and provide informative, unique, and original blogs that enrich your user experience.
  • Passion and interest of other people about your blog topics. Go with the blog ideas that have a sizable audience.
  • You can make money online by understanding the money-making potential of the blog topics before you start blogging. Besides the passion of the writer and the readers, the topics you choose should eventually help you make money with blogging.

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Steps to Make Money with Guest BloggingPart 5: Steps to Make Money with Guest Blogging [For Writers]


A lot of talented writers want to know how to make money online with guest blogging. Several blogs make money by accepting other articles and placing the content in their blogs. Let us look at a few ways how to start a blog for free and make money as a guest writer.

Popular categories that demand services of Guest Post writers:


You can start blogging or writing and make money from blogging by finding clients that are looking for writers. Companies operating in the following domains generally look for guest authors.

  • Auto
  • Education
  • Business
  • Food
  • Home Improvement
  • Tech
  • Health
  • Pet
  • Law
  • Technology
  • Travel

What Are the Key Guidelines for Guest Posting?


It is important to know how to make money blogging for beginners to reap benefits from the technique.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating a guest post.

  • Your article has to be unique, 100% plagiarism-free, and fresh. It should not be copied and posted from anywhere on the web.
  • The grammar quality and readability should be good.
  • Start blogging and make money from blogging by creating niche-specific articles.
  • You will need to follow the right format with instructions given by the blog owners.
  • A guest post has to have a minimum of two to three relevant images with 1080 pixels
  • You will need to use keywords for adding contextual links to your client’s website.

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Ways to Make Money with BloggingExtension: Ways to Make Money with Blogging

Are you looking for ways how to make money online? Guest posting is a remarkable marketing technique and also a great income source for everyone involved. There also are many other ways for bloggers to earn from their blogs.

Let us look at how to make money from blogging.

  • Blogger can privately sell an ad to advertisers
  • They can make money from blogging by selling sponsored post space
  • Selling funded newsletter space
  • Offer paid Reviews
  • Sell membership content.
  • They can also make money from blogging directly by selling services or products
  • The fastest way to make money blogging is to sell digital products because they won’t have to spend on delivery and shipping. Bloggers can sell content products such as research data, e-Books, industry surveys, case studies, etc.
  • They can also sell consulting services.
  • Make top bloggers make money online by allowing guest writing, ads management, etc.
  • Sell affiliate services or products. It is a good strategy to make money blogging for beginners
  • Selling online courses and tutorials is also the fastest way to make money blogging
  • Make money online by teaching others about writing/pitching for guest posts, etc

Guest Posting Methodology
As you can see, Guest Posting methodology offers earning opportunities to many parties like blog owners, businesses, content writers, proofreaders editors, SEO companies, blog developers, graphic designers, etc. You will need to decide on which part of the guest posting area is suitable for you to make money online.

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